Stress out at master level

Stress out at master level!

  • If you want to try something different,
  • if you want to move your ass and body, but don’t fancy to go to the gym,
  • if you are angry and don’t want to poison your environment,
  • if you are fancy to try and compare your throwing skills with others in a championship,

definately you have to come and try the BROEST game center!

Feel free to bring the picture of your lovely „enemy” we will stick your picture on cock-shot to improve your performance! :)

Axe throwing

We advice to beginnert to use a smaller size axe. No need to have a sharp axe, obtuse will be good too. Because of the obtused axe you will have some difficulties to reach the cock-shot, but you will still enjoy it and you will still get 100% experience of axe throwing.
Price: 3500 Ft/person/hour

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Knife throwing

Throwing knifes do not have any edge normally, since it would be more difficult to keep stable the top of the knife and it is also dangerous too. Throwing knifes have consistent weight distribution to be able to rotate well. Throwing knifes do not have grip panel.
Price: 3500 Ft/person/hour

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Biliard football

The perfect combination of the biliard and the football. We have a 3,5*6m size table with the same coloured footballs and we should follow the rules of biliárd.
Price: 6000 Ft/hour/pitch

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